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EZY-Tote Tool Carrier™

EZY-Tote Tool Carrier™
SKU: CC1001

Carry all of your finishing tools at once! Durable, water-resistant nylon bag compactly carries all the tools you need for a float job. The stiff hold their shape to create create a tent shape to fit multiple tools. Five exterior pockets carry all of the user's tools while allowing space to secure must haves such as your phone and keys. The bag of the bag features a holder for quick access to your tape measure and straps to hold long items such as a level. Four elastic pockets conform around the contents for a reliable fit. The fifth pocket has a flap closure secured by Velcro. Inside the bag 2 mesh pockets zip closed; 2 more large interior pockets have a flap closure secured with Velcro. One of the pockets features stitched dividers to fit narrow tools. The interior is designed to hold four bull float handles securely in a plastic divider to eliminate slipping. The divider fits both 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" diameter handles. A bull float can then be placed over the handles and secured with two straps. The bag has a cut-out opening for the bracket to protrude while attached to the float. Either end of the bag is open to accommodate various floats and handles of varying lengths. The bag features plastic straps, metal snaps, and Velcro closures to secure the tools and and the bag during transport. The bag is balanced for ease with a two padded adjustable strap for comfort.

  • Carry all of your finishing tools in one bag!
  • Stiff sides hold shape
  • Strong, moisture-resistant nylon construction
  • 5 exterior pockets; 4 interior pockets to carry all your tools
  • Cut-out allows for bracket to be attached to the float
  • Holds 4 handles
  • Fits both 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" handles
  • Open ends fit any length of float and handles
  • Tape measure holder
  • Two padded adjustable strap for carrying with ease

*Tools not included.

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