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6" x 8" 1/2"R 1/2"Bit Stainless Steel Walking Edger/Groover with Swivel Bracket

6" x 8" 1/2"R 1/2"Bit Stainless Steel Walking Edger/Groover with Swivel Bracket
SKU: CC1055-01

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This edger/groover combo forms the top edge of a slab and cuts grooves all in one pass through cement. A popular tool among contractors working on commercial jobs. The stainless steel blade creates a clean smooth cut with easy clean-up. This 6" edger creates a 1/2" radius, with a lip, on the edge of concrete slabs to prevent the edges from chipping with wear. Six inches back from the radius edge is a groover, leaving a 2" shiner at the back of the tool. The 1/2" groove bit is formed by a single piece of stainless steel for a completely smooth groove. A top plate secures the tool and provides additional strength for moving across the edge of the slab. A small plate is welded to the blade to the bracket. The Swivel Bracket is designed to adjust 360° degrees for the versatility to let you work from any angle. Tighten the top wingnut to keep a desired angle. Use with a Narrow Clevis Handle, sold separately. Use with a Clevis Handle Adapter for use with bull float extension handles, all sold separately. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Edge and groove with one tool!
  • Strong stainless steel blade
  • 1/2 In. radius edge on blade
  • Creates a smooth edge to prevent chipping of concrete
  • 1/2 In. groover bit
  • Reinforced with electrically welded back plate
  • Rivet free for a smooth finish
  • Stainless steel won't rust
  • Swivel bracket rotates 360°
  • Use with Narrow Clevis Handles or Adapters
  • Made in the USA