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6" x 6" 3/8"R 1/2"D All Steel Hand Groover with Wood Handle

All Steel Hand Groover
SKU: CF1708

Heavy-duty groover cuts clean, smooth professional control joints every time. Uniquely made from the quality steel with a broken-in face that won't wear out with extended use like stainless steel. The tool creates a groove in wet cement to control expansion and contraction and relieve stress points. This 6" groover features a bit that has a 3/8" radius and is 1/2" deep. The radius creates a smooth edge to prevent that edge from chipping with wear. The single-piece formed groove provide a smooth professional finish. The closed end groover bit won't allow material to build up inside for a long lasting perfect groove. A 6" square top plate reinforces the tool and provides additional strength for moving through slabs. The sides are turned up to glide across the concrete without gouging. The heavy-duty tool is painted for long wear. A smooth wooden handle completes the tool. Matching Walking Groover is available. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Strong all steel construction
  • Extra weight of tool allows for sharp clean grooves
  • Makes 1/2 in. deep grooves
  • Creates 3/8 In. radius to prevent chipping of concrete
  • Cuts control joints in concrete
  • Single-piece bit for clean grooves
  • Closed bit prevents build-up in tool
  • Turned up sides to prevent gouging
  • Painted for long-wear
  • Smooth wood handle
  • Matching Walking Groover available
  • Made in the USA