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Elite Series™ 20" x 4" Fat Cat Mag Float™ with Cork Handle

Elite Series™ 20" x 4" Fat Cat Mag Float™ with Cork Handle

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Introducing the widest hand float available. The 20" x 4" float features a distinct grind on the working surface that gives concrete a smooth professional look. The blade is made from a unique magnesium alloy for a lightweight, yet stronger, harder tool. The long-wearing blade is tough enough to stand up to the hardest stresses of the jobsite. Magnesium is 30% lighter than similar aluminum tools. Lightweight, durable magnesium smooths and levels concrete before finishing. The 4" wide blade covers more area for a faster finish. The smooth magnesium blade opens up the pores on the surface to allow proper evaporation. The special ground blade features square ends to float into corners and along edges. The blade feature rounded corners to prevent gouging of the cement while working. Beveled edges and a unique surface creates a "broken-in" feel ready for immediate use, similar to the Elite Series trowels. Each float comes complete with a patented Cork handle (U.S. Patent #D842678) precisely position to give the perfect balance. Kraft Tool's premium hand float with cork handle features natural moisture repellent properties for a firm grip even when wet. The cork resists vibrations to minimize fatigue. The cork handle won’t absorb dust making clean-up on the job easier. An ergonomic, fatigue reducing design provides for a secure grip for long hours on the job. A similar contour and grip as our soft grip ProForm® handle design. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Unique long-wearing magnesium alloy
  • Stronger, harder blade
  • Magnesium blade is 30% lighter than aluminum
  • Distinct grind on the working surface for immediate use
  • Durable magnesium hand float for superb floating action
  • Opens up pores for better evaporation
  • Broken-in feel with beveled edges
  • Square ends float to edges and corners
  • Rounded corners prevent gouging
  • Extra-wide blade covers more area
  • Extra-wide blade covers more area
  • Unique patented cork handle
  • Comfortable grip minimizes fatigue
  • Cork repels moisture for a secure grip even when wet
  • Made in the USA
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