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Gator Tools™ 42" Square End GatorLoy™ Bull Float Blade

42" SE GatorLoy™ Bull Float w/o Bracket
SKU: GF10349

Level and smooth a large area of concrete before finishing with this heavy-duty, yet lightweight bull float. The blade is made from ultra-light, ultra-strong GatorLoy™, a unique aluminum alloy. This 3-1/2 Ft. bull float features extra-wide rib spacing for added stability, straightness, and reinforced strength for long wear. The square ends allow the user to finish along forms and into corners for complete coverage. The 42 In. x 8 In. float has broken-in edges and a sandblasted finish ready for use. Designed for a 4-hole bracket and can be used with double-tilt action brackets (CC270, CC294, CC296, GF10330) or single-tilt action brackets (CC696, CC800). Proudly made in the USA.

  • Ultra-strong GatorLoy™ blade
  • Durable aluminum alloy for superb floating action
  • Heavy-duty, yet lightweight
  • Extra wide ribs for stability
  • Square ends float to edges and corners
  • Broken-in edges, ready for use
  • Broken-in edges, ready for use
  • Use double-tilt action brackets for best results
  • Fits single-tilt action brackets
  • Made in the USA