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Gator Tools™ 36" Square GatorLoy™ Hand & Curb Darby - 2 Handles

36" Square GatorLoy™ Hand & Curb Darby - 2 Handles
SKU: GF10813

GatorLoy™ aluminum alloy darby for precision finish work on fresh cement. This 36" blade is 3" wide and designed to stay straight while floating flat concrete surfaces and doing curb work. The large sizes quickly covers more area than a regular hand float. Beveled edges and rounded corners that gives this tool the perfect "broken-in" feel. Durable, lightweight aluminum smooths and levels the concrete while finishing. The square ends of the float finish to edges and corners. The darby includes two Ultra Grip™ float handles. The float handles are placed for balance and at an optimal position to apply pressure to float concrete, work around obstructions while forming and finishing curbs. Each handle is designed with ample knuckle clearance with a soft grip finish for a comfortable, yet a firm grip. The black handle with yellow highlights is easy to spot on the jobsite. Proudly made in the USA.

  • GatorLoy™ aluminum alloy blade
  • Designed for curb work
  • Squared ends fit in corners and along forms
  • Unpainted surface, ready to use
  • Two ultra-grip handles
  • Made in the USA

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