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Gator Tools™ Gator Skin™ 32 oz. Trigger Sprayer

Gator Skin™ 32 oz. Trigger Sprayer
SKU: GF10900

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Formulated to lubricate, condition, and protect your concrete and masonry tools from rust and corrosion. Gator Skin™ is blended to disburse evenly and adhere to the tool surface. Before you use a tool, spray it down to prevent concrete build up, saving time during clean-up. This product is safe to use on most metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces. Test on a small area before coating entire surface. A great product to use on moving parts on hand and walking tools. May also be used as a general lubricant. This 32 oz. plastic bottle is easy to grip and includes a spray top with trigger to easily coat tools. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Lubricate, condition, and protect your tools
  • Prevents build-up of concrete on tools
  • Designed to evenly disburse and adhere to tools
  • Use as a general lubricant
  • Spray trigger for easy application
  • 32 oz bottle
  • Made in the USA

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