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Gator Tools™ 24" Medium .015" Poly Broom Only

24" Medium .015" Poly Broom Only
SKU: GF11614-01

Medium poly horsehair bristles provide a medium fine finish on newly poured concrete. The bristles are .015" in diameter providing a durable medium feel. Each bristle is crimped to increase softness and flare for greater coverage while reducing the likelihood of breakage. The high-quality 3" long trim is set solidly in wood. The 24" solid hardwood base is smooth for use by hand. For extended reach add a bracket and handle, sold separately. Holes in wood allow for select 2-hole brackets to be attached for a greater range of motion. The Gator Tools™ Single Tilt Broom Bracket (#GF11600) is recommended. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Create light traction on fresh concrete
  • Medium .015 In. bristles
  • Crimped bristles
  • 3 In. long-wearing poly trim
  • Trim secured in solid wood block
  • Smooth hardwood base for hand use
  • Attach a Bracket for use with a handle
  • Made in the USA