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Innovative Diamond XX™ Screeds

Monday, August 12, 2019

Diamond Double X Screeds

One of the initial steps in spreading and smoothing concrete is screeding. After being poured, the finisher uses a screed as a straightedge to strike off excess wet concrete, while bringing the surface level of the material to a predetermined height for floating and finishing. It is important for the finisher to use a straight tool with high structural integrity, to create the most even surface. 

Our new patented (US Patent #16,352,005 B1) Diamond XX™ Screeds may not look much different from your average screed on the outside, but the inside tells a different story. Outside is a sturdy, even extrusion with sharp-cutting corners. Inside is a revolutionary Diamond XX™ design which adds strength and rigidity throughout every foot of the screed.

The internal trestle-like Diamond XX™ pattern gives superior resistance to bending, twisting, and warping, while maintaining straightness in the most demanding circumstances. The interior bracing design runs the length of the screed to help restrict bowing. This is particularly an advantage for longer-length screeds which are more susceptible to bowing, especially with thicker-consistency concrete. Less bowing and warping also help to lengthen the life of the screed.

The unique new Diamond XX™ extrusion is available in Kraft Tool’s Extru-Lite™ Magnesium Screeds or in Gator Tools™ GatorLoy Screeds featuring a proprietary aluminum alloy. Both offer the same strengthened internal design, with differences in weight and strength built to suit the job and your personal preferences.

When choosing between magnesium and aluminum, personal preference is a main deciding factor for many concrete finishers. Kraft Tool’s Magnesium Diamond XX™ Screeds are tougher and last longer against the chemical wear of regular use in concrete. Magnesium is also a lighter-weight tool option, and it will not leave black carbon marks on the user’s hands. Gator Tools™ Aluminum Screeds are a more economical option, which is slightly heavier but wears longer. The unique GatorLoy™ aluminum alloy helps resist shrinkage, expansion, and corrosion.

All Diamond XX™ Screeds also feature screwed on replaceable metal endcaps, to eliminate material build-up inside the tool during use. The secure connection makes sure you never have any end inserts come loose or get lost, while working or in transport.

Both the Kraft Tool Co.® and Gator Tools™ Screeds are offered in two easy-to-grip sizes 1-1/2”x3-1/2” and 2”x4”. They are each available in eight lengths ranging from 6’ to 24’. Try out this revolutionary design for yourself. No matter your personal preferences, we have a Diamond XX™ Screed for you.


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