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30" Blue Steel Darby with Rib and Knob Handle

30" Blue Steel Darby with Rib and Knob Handle

Use this tool to even spread cement and other material over the brown coat of stucco applications while also smoothing out the coat. This strong, yet flexible 30" blade is rounded on each end to prevent gouging. The 5" wide blade provides additional coverage for a faster finish. The center bar keeps the blade flat for even coverage on walls. Fitted with a 15" rib positioned 5-1/2" from the end of the rod and a knob handle centered 7-1/2" from the opposite edge. Both handles are a smooth wood. Proudly made in the USA

  • Lightweight, flexible blue steel blade
  • Rounded ends prevent gouging
  • 5 In. wide for additional coverage
  • Center bar keep blade flat
  • 15" wood rib handle
  • Wooden knob handle
  • Made in the USA
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